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Hospitality careers

Hospitality Career Planning

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The hospitality industry is thriving in Australia and opportunities are abundant for people wanting create a successful and sustainable career path. There is strong demand for managers, skilled professionals and casual staff in tourism, travel, food services, accommodation and events, with plenty of potential for career progression.

By looking ahead and examining what you want from your job, and where you want to be, you will give yourself the benefit of purposeful career planning. You can give yourself the confidence and insight to pursue the best work opportunities when they arise. Planning your hospitality career will enable you to see the doors when they open in front of you, or chase the job you know will give you that next step up. You will also be better equipped to recognise when it’s time to move on.

You are planning starts with taking stock of your current position. You will remind yourself of your skills and interests and review your resume. You will do some research about the industry and set your goals. Whether you decide to boost your skillset with some short courses or just want to be able to recognise the gems amongst the job descriptions, regular planning can be an immensely constructive exercise. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Before moving consider your career status

  • Take an honest look at the best and worst aspects of your current role.
  • Identify what you need and want from a new job.
  • Think about the advantages of changing jobs and review them in terms of the benefits.
  • Review your skills and strengths, and the way in which you will you apply these in your new role.

Career plan

  • Identify your skills, goals and interests and then search for a job that reflects these. You may also consider a course or a training program to broaden your skills and knowledge.
  • Research the type of jobs that fits your skill set and interests, and make a short-list.
  • Develop a strategy to find work or to pursue training in your chosen field.
  • Create a ‘Career Plan’ and make modification along the way. The Plan should grow and change with you and your environment. Use the Plan to monitor your progress by setting goals with dates and tracking these results regularly.

Reasons to use a Recruitment Agency

Consider using a specialist Hospitality Recruitment Agency to help you find the job you want.

Recruitment agencies have a broader spectrum of job opportunities and can provide you with industry insights and personalised assistance. Many establishments prefer to outsource their staffing needs to an agency, utilising their expertise to obtain the very best available talent, whilst saving them (and you) time and effort.

Please contact us to help you finding suitable placement and hospitality careers advice.

Agencies are experts at searching and matching the best candidate with the ideal employer. As a registered candidate with an agency who is not actively looking for a new job, you will get the advantage of being informed if a more preferable position becomes available.

Your agency consultant will provide you with advice on many aspects of your career, including the preparation of your resume and how to improve your chances in an interview and how to prepare for common interview questions.
The Recruitment Agency will provide you with the ins and outs of the establishments’ culture, its market position, the interviewer and work environment, which can help you nail the job you want.

When it comes to salaries the law of economics applies, and because agencies are in the business of employment they know the salary guide and salary ranges for various skills and qualifications.

As an interim measure your agency may offer you some temp or contract work. Do not see this as a just a job filler. Some short term appointments can help to accelerate your career, adding to your skills, experience and contacts in the industry.

Staying on top and motivated when you’re in between jobs

One of the biggest challenges when unemployed can be maintaining a positive mindset while looking for a suitable job. Here are some tips as to how you can keep balanced and non-stressed during your job search.

  • Organise yourself by planning your week and setting some time each day, where you can focus on looking for jobs.
  • Include some extra daily activities such as going to the gym, a walk or catch up with friends. One or more of these activities will help you get on with things, rather than waiting in anticipation.
  • Keep in contact with your network of support. Your spouse/partner, colleague/s, close friend/s and relative/s will help you to stay on track and provide moral support during your progress.
  • You may start to notice more news about layoffs and high unemployment rates. It is important to ensure that this does not erode your enthusiasm and optimism, as even in tough economic times, smart, qualified candidates are still being hired every day. (this has been replaced with the paragraph below)
  • If you know other people who are currently searching for work and you’re hearing negative talk about ‘tough economic times’, stay positive. It is important to ensure that this does not erode your enthusiasm and optimism. Smart, qualified candidates are still being hired every day.

Hospitality Interview Questions

Jobs in hospitality are often fast-paced, requiring teamwork and great communication. Here are some popular interview questions.

Preparing for an interview in hospitality

Take the time to note down some bullet points to jolt your memory during the meeting. The interview is your opportunity to ‘sell’ your skills and highlight your related work experience.

Behavioural Interview Questions

The idea behind this style of interviewing is for the interviewer to get a good idea of your suitability and potential by asking you to give examples of what you have done in your previous roles.

Hospitality Career Planning

By looking ahead and examining what you want from your job, and where you want to be, you will give yourself the benefit of purposeful career planning.

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