Finding the Right Candidate


What does the ‘right’ candidate mean? It is more than work history, skill levels, recognition and a positive interview. Right can turn out to be wrong, with deep implications for the business: wasted time and money, damaged team cohesion, and even lost customers.

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Finding the best suited hospitality staff

At Placed Recruitment we look for more than the ‘right’ candidate, we focus on finding the person who will be the best suited for the job and the team. The difference is the human factors that others don’t dig into. What drives them? What are their longer-term goals? How did they get to where they are now? What type of people do they work well with? What makes them, them?

Are you looking for hospitality staff? We match people with businesses

We search for that something else, the added spark, the rare qualities that will ‘make things happen’ and we are not satisfied until we find the perfect Chef or Manager for your business.
It tasks long tested skills to ask the right questions (yes, we have a secret sauce) and by asking the appropriate questions, we can help the candidate to define what they want so that we can fit them with the most appropriate position and team. That way, everybody’s needs are met.

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Understanding your goals

To place the ideal candidate into your work environment, we also need to know you and your business intimately. We will probe your short and long-term goals, your culture and history so we can recruit for your needs now and for the future.

We consider the right candidate to be someone with the level of adaptability and dynamism you need, who can follow the evolution of your business as it grows and changes shape to suit the market. Someone who wants to be part of your journey – whatever that may be.

Hospitality staff needed? Hand over the task to us

Once we know you and your business you can hand any recruitment task over to us. We handle everything from there including screening, credential-checking, shortlisting and interviewing, right through to the offer stage. This is our job, we do it well so you can focus on yours.

Whenever you have a hospitality position that needs filling, you can simply call us up, explain your needs and we will take over, keeping you informed of our progress at regular intervals.

We look forward to being of assistance to you and demonstrating that we can find the right candidate for your mid-level roles to executive and management positions.

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