Prepare yourself before your Chef trial. This part of the hiring process is crucial, and we’re giving you tips on how to handle it successfully.

Looking into the transport the night or days beforehand, saves unnecessary stress and if it’s really difficult to get there it might not be the right job for you. That said you don’t want to find this out on the way to the trial so do your homework. The best site for this is It’s a public transport website that is magic. Check the company website and be prepared for them to ask you what you know about them and why you want to work there.

Have a good night sleep. It’s very common to be placed on a trial on the restaurant’s/hotel’s busiest night to see how you can cope under pressure. So if your trial is set on a Saturday, resist going out on the Friday night get to bed early so you feel on the ball and a million dollars for your trial.

What to take with you and to wear:

  • Chef whites, checked Chefs pants and safety shoes – all clean and pressed (Do not wear your uniform to the interview. Take it separately.)
  • Make sure you are clean shaven and hair is neat and tidy. Have your interview clothes (smart casual) of course, and pressed and cleaned.
  • Print the menu off the website. This is a really important one so you have a head start before you get there.
  • Take with you pad, pen and printed copy of the menu.
  • This is important when everything is new. Having some notes will take a lot of pressure off and shows the Chef you are organised and prepared.
  • Bring your own knives. You will be expected to prep, cook, etc. Also make sure your knives are sharp, cleaned and ready to go.

On the Day

Leave plenty of time to get there, having plenty of time puts you in a great headspace for the trial. Being late or right on time has the opposite effect. First impressions always last and if you want to make a good one be 15 minutes early and wearing clean, crisp, presentable clothing for your meet and greet.

Once you have been partnered up, have a bit of a social chat but remember why you are there. Ask question, write down what you need to remember for the shift. Don’t expect to remember everything first time round. Show initiative and there will be a second time.

Don’t just stand there if you finish your task set, and if someone close by looks like they need help, don’t be shy to jump in  – shows team work and that you’re not lazy.

After the Trial

Ask the Chef how you went. Also if you are keen on the role, tell the Chef, and why (is it that you like the food, you think you will learn, nice people…?) If he is trialing a few people and they are all good, he is likely to lean to the Chef that he knows wants to work there and likes what they are doing.

Once the trial has finished and you have cleaned up, thank the Chef for the trial.

Good luck in your trial!