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So you’re on the lookout for a new Sous Chef job, something that will ultimately lead to bigger and better things. Finding the right mentor and property where you can grow into that first senior role can come through sheer luck. At Placed Hospitality Recruitment, we like to take luck out of the equation by clarifying all the information you need to know before you apply for a Sous Chef position. We’ll tell you about the Chef’s background, the history of the restaurant and the aspirations around it, as well as loads of other information that will make it very clear to you whether it’s the right role for you.

You want to explore your options and have the facts at your fingertips before putting yourself forward for what could be the job of your dreams. Any recruitment agency can write an ad that only outlines the rosy aspects and leaves out the details of what could make the position more challenging. We understand that sometimes those challenges are exactly what a Candidate is looking for. The perfect fit can only come from showing what’s really on offer and the perfect Sous Chef role for you could be the one that doesn’t appeal to any other person.

Our ads are full of juicy details about the kind of working environment on offer, the equipment you’ll be using, the cuisine, the culture of the business and so much more. We go to great lengths to research the important things that you need to know before you even consider applying for chef jobs in Queensland. When you see yourself in an ad, you’ll be keen to make your interest known and we’ll be keen to hear from you.