Geremy Glew

Geremy started the business way back in 2006 and prior to that was a Chef here and in the UK. By day, he’s here at Placed sourcing great people and focusing his time on developing and growing the agency, by night he’s a doting husband & father. Geremy is a fully fledged tech addict and is into dodgy 90’s hip hop.

Eddie Harper-Pell

Senior Recruiter
Eddie is a food geek. He comes from Head Chef at a Hatted Restaurant background himself. He has “Spidy senses” when it comes to recruiting but also has “German Precision” in his approach. In his spare time, he loves … you guessed it geeking out cooking at home, banging the drums and is a (little known) Karaoke legend.

Lee Smedmor

Before heading up our front of house recruitment Lee once paced the floor, managing a myriad of well-known restaurants. Prides himself on his extensive wine knowledge, he certainly know’s his Claret from his Beaujolais! Also known to like a cheeky growler from time to time. Is a keen cyclist and now even wears Lycra pants, after vowing he never would!

​Ian Gibbs

Senior Recruiter​
With strong experience in restaurants across the CBD, the shire and Asia, Ian knows his way around the kitchen. Hailing from Bankstown, he’s no stranger to danger. More recently spending a few years living in Asia he has become somewhat of a dumpling connoisseur. In his spare time Ian doesn’t mind hitting the fairway or the waves​.

April Dee

Resourcer & Admin Legend
April is the glue that holds the company together. She is a digital ninja and admin guru. April often seems to know what you need before you know that you need it. April has two beautiful kids, is a global spirit and doesn’t mind giving the occasional movie marathon a nudge.