• 2 established and modern Asian restaurants serving traditional cuisine
  • 2-year-old kitchen with amazing fit out
  • Forward thinking “big business” owners that look after their staff

The Business

They are 2 modern and very well-equipped restaurants. Both very busy – one is more casual and the other more upmarket. Needless to say, you to need to be a very organised kitchen manager and a calm and in control operator that can lead this mid size stable team. The team is from many corners of the world but one of the main languages spoken is Mandarin; however, one of the projects for the kitchen manager is to move the kitchen towards having English spoken predominantly.

Training and Delegation

The team is very stable and works well with one another. There are very few issues with this kitchen. The team knows what to do, and generally, get on with it and do it. That said keeping the level of contentment and productivity takes a special type of leader, so we need a kitchen manager / Chef that will be in there in the kitchens checking, rechecking and showing the younger Chefs how it should be done.

Cooking Skills

You will be primarily responsible for the smooth running of both the kitchens, working on consistency, organisational ability, specials, menus, etc. but of course you will be doing some shifts on the woks (10 wok stations!). You will also be doing the pass, etc. one or two shifts a week as well. The menu is very established so this is not about creativity but more about refinement and consistency and specials.

People Skills and Leadership

We are looking for someone who is a calm, an intelligent leader who leads from the front, and someone who can effectively communicate with all types of people.

The Rewards

As an indication, you will be looking at a salary of up to $100K+S depending on experience. You’re generally looking at a 42-45 hour week (that’s really true!). Parking is available and uniforms are supplied and laundered.

Apply today!

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