• Work from home, hybrid flexibility on offer
  • Take the next step in your career and gain exposure to drive national sales
  • Significant renumeration and realistic bonus structure, with executive perks

The Company

This is a mid size Australian group that operates landmark, well known and reputable 4.5 star hotels across the country. They have stunning harbour based hotels, huge iconic city hotels. Each hotel has their own distinct flair and personal offerings: across international and local leisure, meeting and event spaces, corporates, government, conferencing and more. Working in this role means inheriting their exclusive and large client pool. This provides an opportunity to take your sales and marketing skills and launch them into an established, proven brand and market.

The Perks

There is a significant bonus package on offer with this role – regular, quarterly and very achievable bonuses built in. This role is all about lead generation and sales, and you will be rewarded for this. On top of that, they provide a huge range of perks, including and not limited to insurance, laundry, parking, laptop, mobile, etc.

For someone perhaps at a state level or working with a couple of venues, this is the opportunity to be mentored by an incredible leader. Your training will allow you to operate at a national level, a career making move.

The Role

This role is all about working in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events space. You will be getting the opportunity to work as one of two managers who work at a national level, as sales manager who drive their own departments. Despite the significant amount of support there for you, the core is that you are your own boss. We are looking for someone who wants to drive their own business, their own leads, and their own workload. It is a huge opportunity to take that next step in the Meeting & Events Sector. Get the exposure to contribute on a national level to the business.

We are looking for someone with direct exposure in the MICE world. Ideal is in a hotel conferencing, but you could be a leader in the event world. Also, you could come from a large convention centre, a pco, etc. As long as you live and breathe the MICE space! We are happy to train up any gaps, but the number one priority for us is someone with energy and passion who wants to leap into this role, and cares for the MICE space.

You will be reporting directly to the Director of Sales and Marketing who is a very strong Sales Leader. Although this Director is a nurturing and supportive mentor (and a weapon), she is looking for a specialist who wants to take ownership. The Director is not a micro manager and wants someone to run the MICE side that she can collaborate with.

This role is all about ideas, and we are looking for someone who is agile, who can come up with ideas, who has proven sales experience and acumen and is ready to come to the table and is not afraid to speak up.


The company is very structured and process driven. You are coming into a strong environment with capable operators. But as they are not in that huge scale compared to other mass hotel groups, there’s a significant perk when you go to a much larger group, things are very regimented, with little room for flexibility. With this group, they are very open to ideas, and recognising the different ‘flavours’ of the venues, and encourage coming up with creative ideas.

The team is very creative and proactive. The beauty of this role is there is a lot of support, both from the immediate team and from the wider brand. This includes a social playbook from the brand, a digital agency that assists social, and a PR company. All of these structures mean that the person coming into this role can hit the ground running – things are smooth, operational, and they can bring their ideas to the table.

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