The Venue

This is truly an impressive venue with stunning architecture and loads of natural light, giving it a warm and inviting atmosphere. There’s plenty of open spaces where you can marvel and bask in the sunlight while enjoying your meal.

The cuisine is fresh, modern and exciting. They typically host high-end private events for corporate players, which are professional and elaborate.
You will join a famous company in this industry that has nurtured this venue to a respectable pedestal. In here, you get full support for all your genius plans that will elevate the venue to a higher level.

  • Impressive multi-storey venue
  • Run your own show and implement your ideas
  • Well-known company in this industry

The Role

You will get full autonomy to raise the standards of this venue and implement business strategies that will bring in maximum profit, while still respecting the company’s policies and ethos.

The areas of responsibilities include venue, functions, guest service, staffing, marketing and F&B.  There are KPIs in place for every section such as costs, sales and profit targets. As such, you will get to implement innovative strategies and creative ideas to achieve your targets.

All this, while maintaining the current standards that guests have come to expect and love about this venue. The pay will be highly satisfying for all the effort you are required to put in.

Required Experience and Traits

  • Minimum of 5 years’ working experience in running a top-rated venue with several revenue sources
  • Experienced in managing restaurants, bars and events
  • A leader who can come up with a vision and see it through for results
  • An excellent mentor, motivator and example to the staff
  • Professional and organised when it comes to work
  • A problem solver who can think quickly on his or her own feet
  • Extensive knowledge in F&B, finance, management and staffing
  • Outgoing, approachable and easy to work with

Benefits and Culture

  • Opportunity to manage a venue from top to bottom
  • Implement your ideas and improve the business
  • Supportive managers and owners
  • Well-established group
  • Amazing venue with loads of natural light
  • Contemporary architecture and interior
  • Fresh and modern cuisine
  • High paying salary – top dollars for the right person
  • Loads of company perks

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