The Venue

The bar will be on par with the Bulletin Places and Palmer and Co. With 60 seats and a small team, you have a full license to be creative with your cocktail and mixture. It should feature drinks with an emphasis on mixology using the latest techniques and showcasing the latest. This bar is also part of a bigger venue with a restaurant and lounge.

  • Work where creativity is fully appreciated
  • Up to $70K + super
  • New revamped bar part of big venue

The Role

You will report to a bar manager but still have a responsibility to run the bar like it’s your own. Mix it up, add a dash of style, and create your own magic in a glass with your small team.

You get to drive publicity too at this bar so having a charming and outgoing personality helps a lot. If you love social media and selling your brand, this role is right up your alley as you will be involved in the big press launch of the whole venue.

Although you don’t have to deal with paperwork, you still require a knowledge of beverage costs, pricing and profit. You will be working closely with the bar manager so it is important to have a good working relationship.

There’s career progression here if you are interested as this bar is part of a bigger group

Required Experience and Traits

  • Creative and stylish mixologist
  • Up to date with latest cocktail and drinks trend
  • Outgoing and can self-promote the bar
  • Understand pricing, profit and cost of drinks

Benefits and Culture

  • Launch and run your own creative bar
  • Chance to progress in career
  • Small team – no hassle!
  • Up to $70K + super

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