• A very nurturing role and a great way to become a mentor for the new gen!
  • Heavily discounted learning through a university!
  • No late nights, strictly 38 hours!


This is a role for either an experienced junior chef who wants to give back or a strong cook looking for the opportunity to gain higher skills teaching junior cookery students technique and the general foundations of being a chef. Working heavily on catering where you can get great hours and work for a company where they can offer meaningful training to students. This will be a very rewarding role!

In this role, where you will be working with a mix of students, teachers and staff. It is a mix of employees, and all who have worked long term and love working on the campus. There is a huge value in being able to upskill, train and mentor students who are motivated and enthusiastic to be learning on the job. In addition, we are looking for someone who understands the value of being able to share their skills in this environment.

The ideal candidate for this role will need to be very patient and have a calm demeanour. The team loves being there and it’s important to get someone into this role who wants to nurture that love of cooking to others. We are looking for a gentle hand who enjoys cooking and sharing the joy of cooking with people.

The Property

It is a large venue with 2 restaurants, a café and catering production for 140 students on campus.

There is also a lot of support in this role with long time staff, and an experienced mentor in our company who’s hugely passionate about this service and will train you up on everything you will need.

The Role

Shifts are 7am – 3pm or 1pm – 8pm.

You will need to be a skilled cook in volume, who works clean and efficiently. Also, having a strong sense of organisation and patience.

Hours and Perks

This is predominantly a Monday-Friday role, working 38 hours. There may be a very rare function on Saturdays, looking at only working weekends every 9-10 weeks. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your weekends and nights back and have great work-life balance.

The salary on offer for this role is $70K + Super plus the opportunity to take on new university courses at a very heavily reduced rate.

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