• Very stable small team that is really like a family; good fun and no ego at all
  • Supportive team environment; FOH and BOH get along very well and help each other
  • Very good hours and not a large amount of output hours or covers

The Property

In terms of style, think “Funky Urban Cafe” with a very stable and fun management. Prepare for a lot of banter. The owner is very supportive and the proof is in the very low attrition rate of staff. It has a great set up and a cool inner city location. This company is really well known both nationally and has recently taken the big step of going international. They now have a very rock and roll property in the UK.

I am very excited to be recruiting for this role for 2 reasons:

  • It’s a really good product; simple but very good
  • The people/culture is one of the best I have seen.

In terms of capacity, it has approximately 40 seats but this turns during the day. It is only open for breakfast and lunch. To give you an idea, takeaway represents about 60% of the food output and the dine in, approximately 40%. One of the owners of this group is actually very well known, a previous chef and a lovely gentleman. The cafe chef hired would have the opportunity to interact and learn from this owner. It may not be a daily basis but fairly regular contact through email as he is based overseas.

The Food

The food is actually quite interesting and presents a different approach to that which we usually get. The offering is quite simple. It has a lot of toasted sandwiches, cold mixed plates, healthy salads and bowls and some specials. But the most important detail is that everything is done perfectly. A lot of time and energy is put into sourcing really good products. If there is Mortadella on a sandwich, they spend a lot of time and effort in making sure that it is really of good quality,  cut to the right thickness and  just the right amount on there.

So although it seems very simple, we really do need a cafe chef with a very high attention to detail and who loves the food and appreciates the relationship between detail, simplicity and quality.

The Person

The personality of the successful cafe chef candidate is a really big part of the equation. As mentioned above, there is a really strong and established culture of fun, humour, acceptance, team spirit, intelligence and down-to-earth people with a very low ego. All those things together is a very rare mix. It is something that they value greatly and would like to keep.

This of course means that the person needs to fit in with  and embody a lot of those values:  down to earth, professional, people person, low ego, passion for food and eye for detail… Quite a long list!

The Role

The cafe chef role itself is relatively straightforward. You have a team of five and on a busy day you would have 4 to 5 in the kitchen. You’ll perform the usual aspects of the role like ordering, day-to-day running, creating and maintaining systems and organisation to ensure consistency. Because of the small team, it is very hands-on, which means you are cooking in the kitchen every day. There really is very little admin as well.

Being such an established team that has worked together for a long time, it’s really important that this person has a collaborative approach and is comfortable working in a flat style structure. A big part of this role is improving the consistency and the quality through systems and training of the staff. The way in which this is done is of course very important and the “gently, gently” approach is what we are looking for.

They shut ALL public holidays and over the Xmas and New year period.


Starting at 6.30am or 7am and finishing by 2.30 – 3.30pm! It is the real deal of work life balance… 40 hours!


There is a bus stop and train station close to the property and  there is plenty of off street parking available if you get there early.

If this sounds like you please hit APPLY NOW.


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