• Located in the heart of the city.
  • Good work-life balance with decent tips.
  • Great staff retention, company support and established venue.

The Venue

A well-known and respected restaurant in Sydney’s dining scene. It’s always a busy week in and week out, all year round.

You’ll be using the highest quality of produce from around Australia, and cooking dishes executed to a high standard in an established and profitable venue. Furthermore, this company is well established, giving you enviable job security.

The Team

It’s a big team, so you will need to be a true leader and comfortable working within and leading in a fast-moving and quality venue.

The Executive Chef is strong, smart and balanced. She has been in the business for a number of years and knows the venue well but remains driven to do better. She leads through modern man-management, runs a tight ship and creates positive energy in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, the management broader team has worked together for many years and is a professional and motivated group of professionals. They believe in responsible, open and honest communication. Furthermore, you’ll have a supportive management team that is always looking out for staff members.

What You Will Need

Many of the systems and procedures are already set up and in place. However, the company wants someone with experience and maturity to come in, who can establish more systems while making sure all staff are sticking to them.

This is a newly created role in this venue and the ideal candidate is:

• Someone who thinks outside of the square when it comes to implementing new systems in the kitchen and making sure all the chefs maintain it.
• A chef who is always on the ball and a forward thinker. Always 2 steps ahead of what is going to happen next. ( A Problem Solver!)
• Highly organised and can maintain high consistency in service and prep.
• Can create a calm and collaborative energy with their staff and not get frustrated in stressful situations.
• Creative and in touch with food trends

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