The Venue


This is a well-known catering business in Sydney doing private corporate events and A-lister functions. Food is of top priority to the team and of top quality too. The company is growing rapidly and is looking for a head chef who can step up to fresh challenges. There’s already a Group Exec Chef who is willing to train and support the head chef.

There is in a skyscraper in Sydney CBD, offering magnificent views of the harbour. There’s an on-site café doing Ottolenghi-style food that’s fresh, simple and delicious.

  • Cater to top corporates & A-listers in Sydney
  • Spectacular view
  • Mon-Fri only

The Role

You’ll be managing food for the functions and on-site café. They do morning teas, buffets, seated dinners and cocktail functions. There are 3 kitchens spread over 2 floors, all fully equipped with all you would need.

The first kitchen is the café kitchen, being the largest. The remaining two kitchens are for event and function prep and receiving stock. Each kitchen has appliances which are less than 2 years old, such as Sous vide machines, Thermomix and combi ovens.

The team consists of seven plus assistants from the head office when necessary. As the head chef, you will be cooking and prepping 70% of the time. The rest are admin tasks such as budgeting, costing, stock management, ordering, etc. The processes are already in place but you will get a chance to improve it after working here for some time.

The working hours start between 6:30 am – 7 am. However, you will be starting later when there’s an evening function.  90% of the time, you will be working Monday to Friday. The shifts are also 70% daytime most of the time.

Required Experience & Traits

  • A driven and committed chef
  • A positive person with a “can-do” attitude
  • Experience working in high-quality restaurants
  • Solid cooking and technical skills
  • A good leader who is responsible and flexible
  • Communicates well

Benefits and Culture


  • Catering company
  • On-site café with Ottolenghi-style food
  • 3 kitchens over two floors
  • Small team of 7 in the kitchen
  • Group exec chef as mentor
  • Top rated events for corporates and A-lister clients
  • Kitchen is in skyscraper with stunning views
  • 90% Mon-Friday work
  • Mostly day shifts unless there’s evening functions
  • 45-50 hours a week


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