• Contemporary and busy restaurant
  • Top, high-quality seafood
  • Wonderful boss

The Company

A group of seasoned industry professionals created this company. They are very hands on when it comes to delivering their services. These people know their stuff well, do their absolute best and are very passionate about food, wine and service. Their restaurants are built upon a culture of warmth and hospitality.

The Restaurant

Undeniably, this is one of Sydney’s most beautiful restaurants. Their décor is simple but also modern and stylish. Food lovers have nothing but good reviews for this gem of a restaurant. Having fantastic reviews and accolades has made them a forefront for Japanese upmarket casual fine dining.

They are known to have the best and freshest ingredients because through the years they have built great relationships with their suppliers. This means that they get to have the first and best pick of the daily catch.

The Kitchen

It has an open kitchen and a small, stable team that works well together and considers themselves much as a family.  As head chef, managing this team in a firm but fair manner is what is expected and keeping that family environment is very important. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the staff members receive the training they need, are well briefed, and are being kept motivated and inspired.