The Venue

This waterfront club has both indoor and outdoor dining to please any crowd. Situated near Hornsby, this modern 100-seat venue can serve up to 300 pax during a busy shift. The building is airy with open spaces and a chilled upmarket vibe. Food here is simple, refreshing and tasty.

  • Busy venue near Hornsby in Sydney
  • Finish by 9:30pm
  • Large business with good managers


The  Role

You’ll manage a team of 8 chefs, who cook the many outlets in the club from fine dining to bistro and posh functions.

The company is on the hunt for a capable, firm and fair head chef who follows the rules.
You will be:

  • Managing all the F&B in the club
  • Ensure the food standard is consistent and excellent
  • Manage all the chefs including mentoring, rostering, training
  • Doing stock taking and management
  • Coming up with specials and menus
  • Doing budgeting and costing
  • Ensure compliance with HACCAP

You’ll work straight shifts and finish by 9:30pm latest. This is a fantastic opportunity to have a work-life balance, especially as the hours are 40 – 45 per week on average.

Benefits and Culture

  • North Sydney location
  • Club with bars, fine dining
  • Lead a team of 8 chefs
  • Oversee all the F&B in the club
  • Straight shifts only
  • Early finish
  • 45 hours/week max
  • Supportive senior managers

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