Cottage Point Inn

“ Guillaume knew that the role of Sous Chef would be more of a challenge, and so he turned to Placed Recruitment to manage this for him.”

When Paris-born and classically French trained chef Guillaume Zika took over the kitchen at Cottage Point Inn, his first task was to assemble a team of professionals who would create a cohesive, effective working environment. Accustomed to working in highly disciplined Michelin starred restaurants in France, the US and England, Head Chef Guillaume sought to engage staff who demonstrated the level of commitment and focus he brought to the business. While he managed to autonomously recruit his Chef de Partie, Commis Chef and kitchen hands, he knew that the role of Sous Chef would be more of a challenge, and so he turned to Placed Recruitment to manage this for him.

Why an agency?

“Initially, I did ask around among people I know in the industry but I was unable to find the person who would be truly suited to the role. I knew that if you’re a Sous Chef looking for a job, you would go through an agency because they know what positions are available and which companies offer the right kinds of roles.”

“Also, I just didn’t have the time to conduct multiple interviews so when I decided to contact an agency, I thought of Placed Recruitment right away.”

First encounter with Placed Recruitment

Chef Guillaume recalled meeting Placed Recruitment’s MD, Geremy Glew upon arriving in Australia in 2012. “Originally, I had contacted Geremy about finding a Chef position for myself but ultimately, I was offered a role sooner than I’d expected,” Guillaume explains. “Even from that day, my impression of Geremy was that he would be the person to go to, to find a Sous Chef.”

The value in choosing a hospitality-specific agency

Guillaume says that working with an agency staffed by experienced hospitality industry professionals was a key driver in his choice to go with Placed Recruitment.

“Geremy himself is a chef. He understands what I’m looking for and completely understands the industry.”

“If I tell him I want someone who can actually read a recipe properly, he knows what I mean; I don’t have to explain. This makes things so much easier because it saves time and energy.”

Indeed, the mutual respect between the two chefs was also a compelling factor, one that produced the right result promptly. Geremy had visited Cottage Point Inn for the briefing consultation and so that Guillaume could show him around the restaurant and kitchen. “The next I heard from Geremy, he had found the person who became my Sous Chef, who has now been with me for over a year,” Guillaume says. “At first, I was concerned that I wasn’t so involved in the process but then I realised, there’s no reason why I need to know how many candidates have been interviewed and I also don’t need to know why the other candidates were not chosen. All I need is for the role to be filled according to my requirements.”

Reliability and reassurance

Asked if he would use Placed Recruitment the next time he needed to employ a Sous Chef, Guillaume was quick to reply.

“What I liked most is the reliability I could count on. It gives me great confidence to know that I can rely on their expertise because it worked out so well the first time.”

The 3-month guarantee

Placed Recruitment’s policy of providing a second placement at no additional charge if the first does not remain in the position for three months gave an extra level of reassurance. “It removes all the worry,” Guillaume says.

“They make everything as easy as possible and this
guarantee is very valuable.”

Already recommending Placed Recruitment to industry associates, Chef Guillaume says he wouldn’t hesitate to contact the company again if the need arose.

About Cottage Point Inn

Cottage Point Inn is an unexpected bushland hideaway where fine dining is the order of the day, white tablecloths gently flapping in the breeze on the terrace overlooking the Hawkesbury River. Chef Guillaume says it’s a dream location in which to enjoy an exceptional lunch or dinner that takes the best of Australian produce and serves it up with classic French aplomb. “It’s a feeling you can’t get anywhere else though you could literally be anywhere in the world,” he says. “It’s very special, very peaceful and serene.”

Having been awarded two chefs hats, Cottage Point Inn attracts serious foodies and international tourists as well as celebrity chefs from around the world. In addition to the exquisite local seafood, cheeses and other ingredients, the name Guillaume Zika is itself a drawcard as the chef has earned a reputation for innovative, elegant cuisine.

Accessible by car, boat or sea plane, Cottage Point Inn has an unrivalled personality that excites and compels. Once there, with the highly skilled team led by Guillaume in the kitchen, the experience unfailingly delivers.